Bug : Black screen
  • When i start up the game, The screen is black, And it shows the gamepad sign. But, the menu where it says "Press start or space to continue" I can see the text saying "Secrets of raetikon" But, the rest of the screen is black, Then when it starts a new game, I can see the health bar and the blue bar, but nothing else. (I can hear the music and sounds in the menu and game) I know this game is early access, But please help, This game is one of my favorites. (I am using Beta 1)
  • I'm having a similar problem. I'm using Ubuntu 13.10 and I only see the health and blue bar. The sounds seem to be distorted. I also get an error that says "GL_EXT_GPU_SHADER4 is missing". I have OpenGL installed via GLEW and integrated Intel graphics. I just installed it via Steam today, 4/7, so I expect I'm on Beta 1.

    I'd really like to be able to play - please help! :(
  • Hey quinonanox. I dont get an error message, And the sound is fine. I dont know how to fix it :(

  • I am seeing the same issue. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and setting the screen mode to windowed, but this did not fix the issue. I played it when it was in Alpha and the graphics worked fine.
  • I just got the new update..... Still did not work, same problem

  • mmlmml
    this sounds like a shader problem. Please try setting the Graphics Quality in the Menu to Low. This will only turn off antialiasing, so you wont miss out on any visual detail.

    Does that fix your blcak screen?

  • peterpeter
    Peter - Co-Founder, TecHead & Physics Puppeteer @ Broken Rules
  • Thanks! I tried setting the quality to low and it worked! i cant believe i didnt think of that. Thanks again
  • RossRoss
    Ho dimenticato di dire che quando l'uccello muore, il piccolo uccello rimane immobile, incastrato in una schermata diversa ogni volta. Funzionano solamente i comandi relativi al sonoro e non anche quelli di movimento. Sono costretta ad uscire dal gioco e ricominciare fino a quando l'uccello non muore un'altra volta. Dimenticavo di dire che l'OSX Mevericks del mio MacBook pro è aggiornato alla versione 10.9.2. Grazie

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