performance problem intel HD3000
    Alpha Tester
    on my puny laptop (intel HD3000 equipped 13" BMP, early 2011, i5@2.3, 8k ram) performance drops to a slide show on the first screen around the big statue in the middle. Frame rate improves when I fly up and above the clouds, but it still feels like only 20fps tops.

    I suspect particle overdraw and the bad fragment performance of my card. Any way to change settings, resolutions, particle count, etc...?

    best, Simon
  • mmlmml
    performance settings will come in a later update. sorry it doesn't perform on your machine yet
  • v01pev01pe
    We updated the alpha builds and you should be able to set a lower resolution like that:
    Jan - Co-Founder, Gameplay & Audio Coder @ Broken Rules
    Alpha Tester
    Changing the resolution did not really impact the performance. (with today's broken build). Even with 640x360 the game stutters at 5-10 fps.

    I attached the glProfiler stats and screenshot
    raetikon stats.txt
    Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-17 um 11.07.35.png
    725 x 861 - 203K
    Alpha Tester
    for reference, here is the instruments trace at 320p
    Alpha Tester
    and for the sake of completeness, the trace at 64x36. Frame rate is still in the 5-10fps range (i.e. after the bird dropped down from the sky)

  • peterpeter
    This will be fixed tomorrow evening. We accidentally packed the first level with way too many wind particles, which trashes the framerate on these graphic cards.
    Peter - Co-Founder, TecHead & Physics Puppeteer @ Broken Rules
  • Hi,

    I'm using a laptop borrowed from work while mine is being fixed. It's got an Intel HD3000. I'm running Ubuntu Linux 13.10 on it and got SoRA from the Steam store.

    SoRA seems to run well on it except in a couple of circumstances:
    • When flapping fast, not all the frames seem to be present. At least one is a black square.
    • When an event happens that releases shards, a black circle appears. Is this what would be an orb? Whenever one of these black circles is on the screen, the frame rate goes through the floor. The frame rate recovers as soon as the last circle is off the screen.

    Has anybody else seen these behaviours please?



  • Please bear in mind that this is an alpha release to which we've been granted early access. It is likely to have issues but these will get better as it gets closer to final release and you will receive all the updates. With a few small problems, it's quite playable on my HD3000 running on Linux.
  • if you can please add an option to turn vsync off when in fullscreen ,
     in window mode with hd 3000 i get framerates above 30 but when in fullscreen i get fixed 30 and thats because vsync is on, from what i see in window mode turns off.
    On my desktop computer with ati 4850 and a mac i have with dedicated gfx card the game runs stable at 60fps
  • ok i found it , if you edit Options.xml add in <rendering> section :

            <postProcessing value="false" />
            <verticalSync value="false" />

    and you have ~10 more fps with hd 3000 , is more playable on laptops

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