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  • ClemensClemens
    With the launch of the Secrets of Rætikon Alpha, we are being flooded with bug reports. 
    Obviously, many people encounter the same bugs and report them. It's impossible for us to reply to each report, so we installed this neat thing called Flyspray, where you can report any bugs you might encounter.

    Find it here:

    You'll need to create an account and log in to report bugs.


    The fun bit. To make sure we can make something of the information you provide, please try to keep these rules in mind:

    1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Alpha. 
    The current version can be found in the main menu or in Flyspray at the tab 'Tasklist'. If you found the bug in an older version, please update to the latest version and try to reproduce the bug.

    2. Check if the bug was already reported.
    You can use the search to find out if someone else has encountered the problem and reported it already. If the bug has been reported already, you can leave a comment that you encountered it as well.

    3. Give us as many details as you can
    When reporting a bug, it's important that you provide a detailed description as well as screenshots, in case it's a specific spot in game you are talking about. Also make sure to fill out all possible drop down options.

    4. Use short titles and proper spelling
    Keep the title as short and descriptive as you can (try to stay under five words!) and add a longer description in the text area below the title field. Use your best English skills and make sure to be as descriptive as you can. Also be sure to describe the problem in the title and not the solution!

    5. Feature Requests < Bug Reports
    You can add feature requests as well, but please notice that bugs will always have a higher priority! We want to make the best game possible, but we also have to get it done at some point! However, please notice that if you think something would work better if it was done in a different fashion, file it as a 'Feature Request' and not as a bug.

    6. Vote for bugs or feature requests.
    You can influence the priority of a bug or a feature request by voting for it. To do so, click on a bug report and find the 'Vote' option at the bottom of the left column.
    Clemens - Co-Founder & Artist @ Broken Rules
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