Fix for being stuck in the wall
  • FelixNemisFelixNemis
    Open Alpha Player
    For anyone who is stuck in a wall here is a way to get out:

    Go to your appdata (or  appdata/roaming) directory.
    On Windows 7 or Vista (and maybe 8 idk) type %appdata% into the location bar in windows explorer to get to the appdata directory.

    Edit the file in Raetikon/sync/master called [username].progress.xml (you can edit it with notepad)

    The two values inside the quotations after playerPosition are your horizontal and vertical positions respectively.
    Simply adjust them (and save the file) until you are no longer stuck.

  • ClemensClemens
    Hah - good thinking! You're the first one to edit the XML files - nice! 
    However, we found the bug and fixed it - it will be in the new alpha build coming sometime this week!
    Clemens - Co-Founder & Artist @ Broken Rules
  • FelixNemisFelixNemis
    Open Alpha Player
    Great! that was an annoying bug.
  • Unfortunately you haven't fixed all ways of getting stuck. I'm stuck in that big log. I can't find the file FelixNemis  describes or any file with playerposition in it. (This is on lunux but I did a pretty wide file search)
  • Oops, oops I guess my file search ignored hidden directories...I found the file and fixed my position.

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