Mouse + Keyboard Controll Bug?
  • WakonWakon
    Open Alpha Player

    So I am the type that just can't stand controlling a character with the arrow keys, so I tried using the mouse for moving instead. What I found was that when about to enter/exit areas, using the mouse for pointing the direction and movement, when the cursor hits the end of the screen the character makes a U-turn making it pretty much impossible to exit/enter any area (I don't know if this occurs with every single one, but it seems like it would do).

    If this is a bug, my game, my computer or just poorly made controls (no offense) I don't know, but it sure is a problem and I don't know how to fix it.

    Please give me feedback! (I'm having trouble enjoying the game :( )
  • ClemensClemens
    Hey Wakon,

    we previously had this bug before and thought we had fixed it everywhere. Is there a specific level transition you are talking about? Or does it occur everywhere?
    I just tested a couple of level transitions using the mouse only and they all worked fine for me.
    Could you post a screenshot of a spot where this occurs often?
    Clemens - Co-Founder & Artist @ Broken Rules
  • WakonWakon
    Open Alpha Player
    Here's a video to demonstrate: 

    When my cursor hits the end of the screen, it turns around. When the border is before the screen, like the first one, it works completely fine.
  • v01pev01pe
    This issue is fixed in Alpha 9!
    Jan - Co-Founder, Gameplay & Audio Coder @ Broken Rules

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