How long does it take you to play through the game
  • pipi
    A quick question for you:
    How long did it take you to play through the game all in all?
    How long did one playthrough start-to-finish take you?

    Thanks for answering!
  • sirblackheartsirblackheart
    Open Alpha Player
    The stat SecondsPlayed = 4997 ~ 1h 23min should represent the time for my first play trough, which consisted of two sessions.
    I have not finished the game yet for a second time, because i was waiting for newer alphas and especially the linux build ;)
    if (OS == Windows 8.1 64bit || OS == Arch Linux (x64 Kenel 3.12) {CPU = Phenom II X4 965; RAM = 8GB; GPU = Radeon R7 260X; Window.gpuDriver = AMD Catalyst 13.12; Linux.gpuDriver = mesa ati 10.0.1
    } else if (OS == Mac OS X 10.9.1) { SYSTEM = Macbook Air Mid 2012;}
  • thatlaurachickthatlaurachick
    Open Alpha Player
    Just lost my save game, but I think it was about 2 hours in.  Had 5 of the six keys.  I also tend to play very completely, so I've explored everywhere, finished every puzzle, picked up every sliver I can find, etc.
  • KlaimenKlaimen
    Open Alpha Player
    I finished my first full playthrough in 1:45 hours, but I had some experience in the first 3 areas from some test sessions before.
  • CaseyColoradoCaseyColorado
    Open Alpha Player
    My first playthrough with no experience would have been a little over three hours, I think, spending time to find all the slivers I could and decode all the runes, had I not accidentally selected "NEW GAME" when trying to unpause and start flying with 4/6 shards.  Then, I did it again at 5/6 shards.  Then I finally made it through without accidentally restarting.  All told, I've played 5 1/2 hours with all that duplicated play as well as some extra time spent trying to replicate minor bugs.

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