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  • ActionscottieActionscottie
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    Hello, I recently downloaded the alpha for Secrets of Raetikon and when I went into the options to turn off Fullscreen, my game became minimized, and won't show up. It's still recording in OBS so I know it's running, but I can't seem to pull it back up on my screen. I closed and reopened, unzipped it again, and tried redownloading from Humble but it still can't be pulled up on my screen.

    Can someone help me with this?
  • CaseyColoradoCaseyColorado
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    I don't know enough to understand why the windowed version isn't working for you (I've not seen any other complaints about that), but I've seen other alpha testers describe changing the config files to turn on and off windowed mode.  The file you want to edit is Options.xml.  You can find it here:


    ~/Library/Application Support/Raetikon/

    Look for the <rendering></rendering> section, and change <fullscreen value="false" /> back to <fullscreen value="true" /> to switch back to fullscreen mode.  Quit the game before making these changes, and then start it up, and it should be back in fullscreen mode.  If you're not comfortable editing the xml files, my best guess is you can just delete Options.xml and a new one with default values will be auto-generated.  Deleting the Options.xml file works for me on my Mac, though it does seem to erase my current progress as well, starting the game over back at the beginning.

    Hope that helps!

  • ActionscottieActionscottie
    Open Alpha Player
    This seems to have put it back in Fullscreen. Thank you very much!
  • peterpeter
    thanks Casey for helping out here!

    @Actionscottie: i guess the default window size is too large. you can try to set a custom size in Options.xml, e.g.:

            <fullscreen value="false" />
            <windowSize value="1280 720" />

    Could you tell me your OS and graphics card? Thanks!
    Peter - Co-Founder, TecHead & Physics Puppeteer @ Broken Rules

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