Alpha 12 just launched
  • pipi
    We've just launched Secrets of Rætikon Alpha 12. It's available on Steam now and will come to the Humble Store in the next hours.

    The most important news is that we’ve got our first test-achievement in the game. Drag the lynx 30m up into the air and you’ll receive it. We’d be excited if you post a screenshot of yourself trying to tackle that problem or share tips for other players.

    There’s also a lot more decoration in the levels, especially in the background. The rest of the changes are cosmetic: you can now use the d-pad in the menu, for example.

    Here’s the full list for you:
    • Starting working on tutorial background (WIP).
    • Lots of decoration updates in swamp area at rock slide.
    • Creatures now recover from damage over time.
    • Added a daw to the swamp area.
    • Added d-pad support for menu.
    • Added achievement functionality and first test achievement.
    • Updated and tuned lynx behaviour.
    • Fixed collision events.
    • Fixed red hurt flash size (was too small for some resolutions).
    • Fixed thistles falling through the level.
    • Fixed tree sounds playing all over the level.
    • Fixed gamepad stability: plug and unplug your gamepad at any time!
    • Fixed game crash when hitting stag with a spiked plant.
    • Ginked: can now render a grid (check editor settings)
    • Ginked: fixed crashes in color tool
    • Ginked: press cmd+click to place a selected node at mouse position.
    • Ginked: added storage components for variable like structures

    As usual, please keep posting bugs here in the forum and we'll make sure every single one of them is taken care for.

    Thanks for your support,

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